Penguins on Planes

I’m fairly sure you’ve seen these videos but I could not resist the temptation and urge of posting them.

On our Delta Flight 1641 from San Antonio to Atlanta on March 8th, there were two “special guests” flying in First Class, a couple of penguins (I think their names were Pete & Penny) from Sea World.

Apparently the penguins were flying to New York for the premiere of a new Discovery Channel documentary but honestly, who cares why they were on board an airplane? I just cannot stop chuckling at how amazing and how cute they are! 

Here’s another video on a penguin flying solo (with its trainer, naturally) from an earlier time:

Bizarre video of Pete the penguin marching down the aisle of Southwest flight from San Francisco to San Diego on March 12, 2011! SeaWorld brought penguins to a national science convention in SF and decided to let them roam free on their “flight” home. 

Ah, penguins. Such joy they bring to the world. (So shall we try to keep them a live and thriving for just a bit longer, hm?)



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