Def. Worth A Watch: The Adventures of Tintin

I know, insert Slowpoke meme here, but honestly I just watched the movie and I think it’s completely marvelous! Sure, the story is different from the original storyline (The Secret of the Unicorn) and Haddock is portrayed a bit differently (Although, I can understand why they’ve chosen to “mild” him up a bit – he’s a rowdy, roguish sailor in the comics and I can understand that it might not have gone very well in Hollywoodland) but everything’s made up for with the inserts of intertextual details, the rip-roaring, belly laughter inducing animated slapstick and the gorgeous animation and CGI.

I warmly recommend The Adventures of Tintin but I also recommend this:

In the end nothing beats the old animated series and the comic books. Ah, childhood nostalgia, what a wonderful thing.



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