Minecraftian Wonders

I swore myself not to post anything about Minecraft but I can no longer hold it in. I regularly watch Simon and Lewis (also known as Honeydew and Xephos) of Yogscast battle against evil forces and explore new maps. I also love watching the shenanigans and HATventures of the three amigos of HAT Films and their amazing team (or HAATfilms… I get confused about which one it is). And most of all I love watching the insane time-lapses and builds of FyreUK.

And also, it seems I stumbled upon a map of FyreUK’s Creative Server, via Google. Which blows my mind away… I thought my builds were ambitious and large but they’re down right miniscule compared to these…

And yes, I do play Minecraft. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s fun, rewarding, immensely entertaining, weirdly time-consuming and awfully relaxing.


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