Gifs Of The Day, Oh And Some Images Too

just. no.

(A little context: I’ve been reading up on religion and belief for my final project at school (my photography work is more or less a discussion about both subjects and how they are related to one another… Sounds complicated and it is, but I digress) and it seems as if this is a repeating phenomena and frankly, it scares me…)

yeah, uh huh, cool. screw you.

good morning, this is your wakeup call.

healthy competition

So apparently some angry and disappointed fans sent cupcakes to Bioware…

Feeling small, meaningless and insignificant? Well, you aren’t. You Are Significant


Disclaimer: I own none of the images, sources are provided above/below each images. Click the link/caption and it will teleport you magically to wherever the image originally has been posted and made public to use.



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