Oh Reality, How Sweet It Is To Return To Your Embrace

Oh, hello.

I have this guilty, nagging feeling that I’ve been neglecting the blog two days too many so I’m back, full power.

About the title I can tell you this much – I’ve been in the company of some rather peculiar people the past weekend. Mainly artists, actors, directors, editors and so on and so forth. And as much as I love (overly) creative and dreamy people (being one myself) it gets to be a bit.. tedious and aggravating after some time. So yes, it’s definitely nice to get to my own life which is somewhat firmly grounded in some kind of comprehensible and acceptable reality  and less in a ” la-la-land” kind of reality.

Oh, and I can urge you to go and see Iron Sky as soon as it hits any cinema near you! Really, I’m not kidding, it’s an excellent movie and worth every penny!

Anyway, we shall now resume our normal program. Normal posts come above this one… If you’re wondering.

Good day!



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