End of the Weeks News & Things

I know I did this yesterday as well but I noticed that I had more things saved on my reddit account so I figured I’d load it off here…. Again.

1: States of matter, in a completely new way.

2: oh.my.good.ness

3: part of something awesome

4: Arlington Cemetary’s official headstone emblems

5: World of Religion

6: Marvelous image: You Can’t Arrest An Idea

7: Amazing High Resolution Image Streaming Viewer of the Milky Way Galaxy

8: Blood Mystery Solved: Two New Blood Types Identified – ScienceDaily

9: Did you know that if you can request the file of your information from the FBI.. If you have one… Do it via Get My FBI File (Might not work for non-US… Nevertheless it’s incredibly cool and creepy)

10: Loose-lipped iPhones top the list of smartphones exploited by hacker – ars technica, which did send chills up my spine seeing as I own a Iphone and several Mac appliances and I’m a heavy user…

11: Something incredibly cool for every photo freak/guru/fan: The 5DMKII View Camera – Today’s Tomorrow.

12: Early exposure to germs has lasting benefits – nature.com, about something that I’ve thought about myself for some time now, allergies have to have something to do with how we’re exposed to irritants and stimuli in our childhood…

13: MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons – ExtremeTech

14: 9 Foreign Words the English Language Desperately Needs – Cracked.com

15: With Google Earth, India Can No Longer Hide Its Shantytowns and ‘Slumdogs’ – TimeWorld

On reddit:

16: ” I Decided To Consume Only Conservative News Sources For A Week, Here’s What I Learned “

17: Comment on reddit thread “How did the Middle East end up being so fucked up? And has it always been this destructive?” reveals that there’s more to the matter than most of us think.

18: ” Police, FBI or other law officials of Reddit, what’s the weirdest unexplainable thing that you’ve encountered during your time on the force? “, reading these stories strengthens my respect of some law officials. We have a program in Finland called “Poliisit” which follows the shifts of Finnish police squads in the largest Finnish cities and some of the things the police have to do… I would never be able to do the same… I have a great respect for law officials, as long as they follow the law themselves.

19: ” How big a tsunami would the Tsar Bomba make if it was detonated below the surface of an ocean? How is it compared to the size of biggest natural tsunamis? “

20: ” When I ‘crack’ my back while stretching What is actually happening? “ I admit to cracking my back and knuckles regularly. I remember someone saying that if you crack your knuckles too much they become loose and might become dislocated… Interesting to read this.

21: Comment of reddit thread ” The SR-71 production line ” post excerpts from a book by a former pilot revealing some truly hair-raising tales of bravery and some insanity.

22: ” Reddit, I’m thinking of dropping everything and joining something like the Peace Corps. What’s out there like that, and what can you tell me about it? “

23: ” I rode a motorbike alone from The Netherlands to Nepal (17.000 km/ 3 months). I travelled through countries like Iran, Turkmenistan and Pakistan. AMA “

24: ” I’m an atheist, but the fact that I will someday die and cease to exist, and that sometime after that everything in the universe will die gives me awful panic attacks. Is this normal? Does anyone else feel like this sometimes? “ I had the same thing last summer – for some reason I suddenly started having panic attacks right before bed and sleep, which led to me not wanting to sleep, forcing myself to stay awake and well, things escalated and I got stuck in a really bad place, psychologically. Thankfully  friends, time and some thinking and brooding helped me come over it. And reading this thread made me understand that I’m not the only who thinks these thoughts… Which is consoling.

And that’s it for this post.




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