Saturday Stuff

Instead of Midweek or End of Week News and Things. Had zero interest in blogging yesterday.

1: Combining two things I enjoy

2: It seems as though the US government can’t back off from the Internet…

Say ‘hello’ to CISPA, it will remind you of SOPA – CNET News

3: And something that’s equally absurd…

US slams Australia’s on-shore cloud fixation – Delimiter

4: While there’s some more… optimistic news coming from Europe

ACTA Suffers Major Setback; European Parliament Will Seemingly Reject Legislation –

5: The world’s most isolated cave is home to 4 million year old “superbugs” –

6: Study Finds New Possible Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes – Doctor Tipster

7: Girl Talk: Don’t Judge Me For Not Drinking – The Frisky

I can sign under this as a teetotaler. Really, the option of drinking or not drinking does not concern anyone else than yourself – and people should respect that. But alas…

8: 5 Hallmarks of Bad Parenting That Are Actually Good for Kids –

9: 7 Artists Who Secretly Made Your Favorite Movies –

10: 5 Seemingly Random Factors That Control Your Memory –

(I know – it’s a lot from Cracked but I swear, it’s one of the most entertaining websites that’s out there)

11: 14 Strange Mental Conditions – Psychology knowledge

12: Wrong Turn Grants Glimpse Behind NKorean Curtain – NPR

13: Oxford University, Vatican libraries to digitize works – Reuters

14: How do I permanently delete my Facebook account?

15: What’s the oldest picture that looks like it could have been taken today? – AskReddit

16: First photography of a human, c. 1838 – Retronaut

17: I finally watched ” This Film is Not Yet Rated” and it made me sick to my stomach. Is there anything I, John Doe Movie-Goer can do : movies subreddit



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