Because *uck You, That’s Why – Otherwise Known As The First World Problems Post

There are currently three things bugging me, of which all I will explain, or nag, to you here.

1: My lagging Internet connection

So here I am, patiently (read: desperately) waiting for The Oatmeal to load when suddenly I decide to load trusty ol’ WordPress at the same time. Now it seems as if my current wi-fi connection has some bitter resentment against the Oatmeal because it took a good five minutes to load an Oatmeal page (Pelvic Thrusting Cat, for the win!) while it took less than a minute to load WordPress front page, log in and get the New Post page loaded. Also – it seems as if the server despises me visiting reddit and Imgur because I had time to go to the bathroom, brush my hair and change into my off-time clothes while a single image on Imgur was loading.

Laggy Internet connection – why?! And what?!

(The fact that it takes half an hour to load a five-minute clip is astounding… Seriously. Not joking.)

2: Eyeglasses

I do understand and I deeply appreciate the fact that I have access to public healthcare and eye doctors and that I also have access to glasses when there are many people who do not have the same kind of access even if they need it more than I do, which is greatly unfair. I also love the fact that I can see clearly. But having glasses presents another kind of challenge: Keeping up with your prescription.

Most doctors recommend that you visit them every other year to check your sight and to see that your lens prescription is still the same.

I haven’t been to an eye doctor in the past four years.

I think.

Could be more, could be less.


What I do know is that something’s wrong with my current prescription because every time I’m out driving, which coincidently is the time that I also use glasses, I get nauseous and I have a harder time focusing and concentrating on things farther ahead. Also, my depth perception and perspective is somehow… Warped. It’s hard to describe but I’m fairly sure that it’s time that I visit the friendly doc for a check up…

Also – trying to be a photographer with less-than-perfect eye sight… That’s a challenge, I can tell you.

3: People who complain inconsistently

Right now you might be going “Whaaat?! Rebecca, that makes no sense!”

And you’re right – it doesn’t. Not without context.


Starting from the beginning:

– People in the same course as I have been complaining that we have too much time off or that we had too many days without lessons

– True – but there are ways for filling up that free time… Like projects?

– We had a project deadline today. Three out of twenty students had their project finished for presentation and review.

– Project has been known to us since November of last year (So what – Six months, give or take)

– People are now complaining that they have not had enough time to get this project finished.


– I repeat, deadline was today (18th of April) and people are complaining that they haven’t had enough time to get their projects done while they’ve also complained that they have too much time off…

See where this is going? So did I…


And that’s it. Mid of Week post is coming – I just need to collect all the articles and stuff in a window.



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