Today, Tomorrow And Then…?

Today has been a fairly straight forward, uneventful day of sitting through presentations.

Tomorrow, however, promises to be an interesting day, namely because I have a telephone interview with the teachers for a certain university that I’m applying to.

Now, I’m not so much stressed about the interview as I’m stressed out of coming off as a complete bumbling fool. I believe, somewhat narcissistically (which I’m not… I hope), that I’m fairly good at and capable of charming the socks of people during interviews and that I’m a somewhat charismatic person, just I get into my “groove”. But being somewhat of an introvert … Well, the “getting into my groove” part might prove to be more of a challenge than usual, especially since I’m without my usual support team of guarding and wise-cracking parents and sibling who have the amazing talent of breaking the first seal of my awkwardness and silliness.

And don’t even get me started on the “coming off as a complete bumbling fool”-part. Interview’s like this (I’ve been through the same kind, twice) are mostly about you as a person, of what motivates you, why you wish to do certain things, study certain subjects and it’s about explaining and giving evidence of you love and passion for a certain thing.

Now I’m usually good at collecting my thoughts and expressing myself in a coherent way. Usually.

But that’s when I’m face-to-face with the person who I’m discussing with, not sitting with my ear plastered to my Iphone, trying to concentrate on collecting my thoughts and ideas while at the same time communicating in a way that even remotely resembles normal social interaction… So, truth be told, it’s the “telephone” part of the interview that’s making me, not stressed, but I admit that I’m more jittery and nervous than what I’d typically be. I do hope that I succeed in calming myself down, that I manage to scribble down some thoughts before the interview and getting my shtick together so that I come off as a sane, collected person instead of a completely splintered moron who has zero social skills.

In other words, the person that I’m normally… During what I call a “normal” day, I’m what most people would call a social awkward penguin, but I do also have my more manic moments where I’m the most bubbly, outspoken and sociable person in the room. It’s getting together these two differing traits that has proven to be… interesting. And also confusing at times.

Aaand I’ve sidetracked.



Oh dear lord, please don’t let this happen tomorrow.



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