Def. Worth A Watch: Mirror, Mirror

The trailer does little justice to the actual movie.


If you want to see a funny, sweet and strange re-vamp of the Snow White story, then this is one of those versions. Julia Roberts is a perfect psycho queen, Lily Collins is so adorable (and perfect as Snow), Armie Hammer is a great choice for the unsuspecting prince and Nathan Lane is Nathan Lane – he’s the cherry on top. Oh and the seven dwarfs are perfect!

Sure – it might be a bit camp and pretty predictable but it does make you smile and forget your worries and sorrows for the 1 hour and 43 minute runtime. So if you’re in a bad mood and need a pick-me-up then this is what you need!

And yes, I’ll be going to see Snow White & The Huntsman as well. Which promises to be a good as Mirror, Mirror but completely different in tone, story and atmosphere. I’ll see it as soon as it comes to Finland… Which isn’t for a few months.

Anyway – go see Mirror, Mirror!


P.s Too.many.perfects.Do.not.give.a.damn. I’m in too good of a mood to change any of the “perfect”s

P.p.s Don’t get me started about the interview I wrote about earlier… I have no idea how it actually went, I only know that I babbled a lot.


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