News of the Past Week

I’ve finally got a proper internet connection and my schedule is empty now that I’ve finished my assignment (Which I’ll post shortly, so you get to see what I’ve created). This equals to me being able to post the weekly news post:

1: After the SOPA, the PIPA and the ACTA comes the CISPA which has passed US House and moves onto Sentate, this latest development is called insanity and ridiculously hideous (and after reading about it, yes it’s pretty justifiable to call it insanity). White House issues a veto threat, then maybe recants the threatMicrosoft backs away from supporting the bill and Reddit starts drafting something called The Free Internet Act. As a returned European ex-pat kid from the US, this is completely insane.

2: In other US politics: Connecticut Bill Would Allow Citizens to Sue Police Who Arrest Them for Filming in Public – This should be spread all over the world!

3: In Europe – Europarliament Majority Now Against ACTA; More Pressure Needed – Falkvinge and Liberals and Democrats Announce Rejection of ACTA – TorrentFreak, that is the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) in the European Parliament. Now let’s hope these politicians hold their word…

4: Libya bans religious parties under new law – Al Arabiya News

5: Norwegians to protest Breivik, singing song he hates – Reuterssee and read more at MSN’s PhotoBlog.

6: Some less than cheerful news – We’re Underestimating the Risk of Human Extinction – Ross Andersen/ The Atlantic

7: Here’s something that’ll get your attention (It did mine) – Lush animal testing protest: Woman subjected to “experiments” in front of horrified shoppers – The Daily Mail Online

8: Teacher fired and called ‘immoral sinner’ by Catholic school over IVF treatment – IrishCentral. I find it remarkable that this is happening in this day and age… It’s not right or acceptable.

Moving onto what can be called “lighter” news, yet still important in every possible way.

9: Impeccably dressed gentlemen protest the arrival of Abercrombie & Fitch on Savile Row, rightfully so if you ask me. See and read more herehere and here.

10: Remember when I two rows up wrote that it would be lighter news from this point on? Yeah – I forgot about this news bit – Novartis tries to make UK hospitals use $1000 drug – Associated Press

11: Now, lighter again. Researchers find a way to make glass that’s anti-fogging, self-cleaning and free of glare –

12: Is This the World’s Most Beautiful Woman? – Gawker

13: Some good news for multilingual people – Thinking in foreign language makes decisions more rational – ars technica

14: Here’s a very interesting and entertaining Reddit thread from a few days ago – Historians of Reddit, what’s your favorite hilarious event from history – AskReddit

15: The Crisis of Big Science by Steven Weinberg – The NY Review of Books

16: This I picked from Reddit – How To Give Your Dog Drugs – The Frogman, featuring an adorable and unsuspecting corgi.

17: Check out the Essay Typer. Hours of enjoyment right there.

18: While you’re at it, check out Humans of New York for some excellent street portraits. I instantly longed back to New York. I never get enough of that city…

19: Also via Reddit – A British man bought an island in Seychelles and has lived there for 50 years and lives there now together some 120 tortoises. Which is completely awesome if you ask me.

20: The Oatmeal publishes his latest “This is the web right now” and hits every fricking nail on the head. Again. And that’s why I love the Oatmeal.

21: A touching and terrifying thread on Reddit – Muslims of Reddit, how much did your life change after 9/11? – AskReddit

22: And another thread on Reddit – where Redditors tell of moments where they’ve witnessed acts of great gratefulness which serve as stark reminders how not to act…

23: Here’s something for those with fear of flying – How to survive a plane crash – BBC News

And the two last tidbits and tidings:

24: 500 New Fairy Tales Discovered in Germany – Parentables

25: Last but not least – 9 iPhone Apps for Surviving the Breakdown of Society – Survival-Goods

And voila! To follow – post of my final assignment, a post of gifs and images from around the internet and some other random posts that have been waiting to be unleashed into cyberspace.


Edit: Silly me, going through the bottom of my Reading List I noticed that there were a few things left out by complete mistake. So allow me to rectify my mistake and add them here.

26: Check out this awesome tutorial on how make a hairband of flowers. This is certainly on my To Do List for summer.

27: Also, check out this Game of Thrones drinking game, which beats all the other GoT drinking games out of the water.

28: A redditor edits together the Uncharted games to create incredible movies. Each of them well over an hour long, in fact closer to two or three, so I decided not to put up the YouTube videos – instead follow the link to the Reddit thread and then open the links to YouTube… That’s how I did it and it did ease up my usually cluttered browser window.

29: There are a lot of returning home videos from all over the world, but this has to be among my favorites:

30: North Korea From a Passing Train – PetaPixel via Doobybrain

31: Read Use Music as a Timer When Working in the Darkroom – PetaPixel to read about a photographer who has music on while working in the darkroom. I do this – I typically have music playing while I’m working in the darkroom, mostly because it calms me down (I have a mild fear of the dark) but also to keep time of everything I’m doing. And yes, it works fine and everything goes smoothly and like clockwork.

32: Gear Doesn’t Matter – Except When It Does – Petapixel.


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