In Lack of a Better Title – You Know What This Post is, Don’t You?

Yes, it’s that time of the week – time for me to divide recently stumbled-upon nuggets of information onto you casual readers.

1: Astronomers see ANOTHER star ripped apart by a black hole! – Discovery Magazine / Bad Astronomy

2: All Of Earth’s Traffic Visualized – The Aggregate

This video details ALL of the roads, air, and ship routes that cover the entire planet.

Commissioned for the Planet Under Pressure conference, this video entitled ’Welcome to the Anthropocene’ details the extent of human activities that have had a significant global impact on the Earth’s ecosystems.

The way this video successfully manifests itself as evidence to the spread of the human kind and it’s activities all over the globe is least to say eery yet in some undefinable way beautiful…

3: Italy scientists say they have found oldest human blood – Reuters

4: A new glimpse into ancient human history –

5: Blood test ‘could detect breast cancer years in advance’ – The Telegraph and according to the article it would be readily available in five years. Which sounds absolutely amazing.

6: Everybody’s favorite Science Guy, Bill Nye is boo’d in Texas for saying that the Moon reflects light from the sun, and does not create any light of it’s own. Which is common knowledge for most people…

7: Somebody has made a comic strip of my favorite Neil DeGrasse Tyson clip and it’s as awesome as the video is:

8: Life is full of almost absurd suprises but this probably the best one in a while: Tsunami motorcycle owner located in Japan – CBC News / British Columbia. That’s right: A Japanese mans motorcycle was carried out to sea after the tsunami in Japan carried it away, now well over a year later it pops up in Canada and Harley-Davidson hope to restore the bike to its previous, pre-tsunami condition.

9: And the world needs more teenagers like this one: Awesome 14-Year-Old Delivers 25,000 Anti-Photoshop Signatures to Seventeen Magazine – Jezebel. There is no way I would’ve done anything like that when I was fourteeen… Hats off to the young lady for her courage and tenacity.

10: “The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation” – Hip Hop is Read. True or not, it’s still rather creepy and appaling.

11: A strange list: 4chan’s Actual Favorite Movies, also check out the comments on Reddit of which some are pretty entertaining.

Speaking of Reddit:

12: Redditors give some good advice as to where one can gain some common knowledge, per the request of a redditor in need but to the great help of countless others.

13: Throwaway time! What’s your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out? – AskReddit. This is one of the strangest threads I’ve ever read on Reddit. Oh, and bon chance on reading all the comments – there are over 31 000…

14: A redditor who conducted a trauma survey on an abused infant shares his story and a great insight to life that everyone should read.

15: Bethesda announces Skyrim DLC “Dawnguard”, more info to come during E3 (Which is in a month).

16: Also, 

17: I don’t like the Timeline on Facebook, it’ s too cluttered and too hard to skim through fast, so I do approve of this:

18: Here’s something to read while drinking your coffee and tea and having a chuckle over – The Pirate Bay replies to legal threats sent from a law firm that represents EA and separately to a letter sent from a company representing DreamWorks.

19: Awesome make-up tutorials are awesome, one for Feather Nails and another for ruby glittery lips.

20: 10 Surefire Ways To Deal With Anxiety – The Frisky, because everyone has anxiety some times.

21: Rupert Murdoch ‘not a fit person’ to lead News Corp – MPs – BBC News

22: Tech journalist Paul Miller leaves the Internet for an entire year, does an IAmA on reddit just before exiting. It”ll be interesting to read up on how he fares since he’s going to continue writing about technology while having no access to the Internet… By his own will.

23: And ending this post: Australian billionaire Clive Palmer plans to build the Titanic II, a complete carbon-copy of the original Titanic.



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