Mid-Week Newsflash

I’m sorry for the jumbled mess that this post will be but my eyes are tired of staring at computer screens (I’ve been scanning films negatives for the past six-or-so hours, pictures to come soon) so I have no idea in what kind of an order things come…

So after some further thinking I decided that order will be from the horrible, to the horrendous, to the absurd, to the strange, to the truly wonderful. So let’s get started.

1: One of my favorite authors, Maurice Sendak, passed away yesterday and Flavorwire has rather wonderfully created a tribute in his memory.

2: To some confusion (Well, at least mine) European e-identity plan to be unveiled this month (ZDNet UK) but what I can understand, this is a less-than-charming plan.

3: Also something less-than-charming FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites – now (CNET News).

4: Then again, EU Pirate Party Offered Copyright Platform (ExtraTorrent).

5: South Korea finds smuggled capsules contain human flesh – News.com.au.

6: Nokia sued because Windows Phone is failing (Updated) – BGR

7: Brilliant pupil’s ‘logical’ suicide – The Independant, a young boy decides to take his own life after weighing out the pro’s and con’s of life…

8: So Putin returns to presidency in Russia (No suprise there) while riot polices battle anti-Putin protesters. Oh, and BBC News has an articles of a mysterious mansion that has “suddenly” popped up

9: The drug war continues in Mexico with the find of the bodies of three photographers in Veracruz.

10: You Have Every Right to Photograph That Cop – ACLU, something that should go in every country all over the world.

Moving on the absurd and strange part of this post:

11: The frequent fliers who flew too much – LA Times. I had no idea that AA once had this kind of a program… Sounds incredibly ridiculous if you ask me.

12: Also something that I didn’t know before I read the article, on the address that Peter Parker (a.k.a Spiderman) lives in the comic, lives a couple also named Parker. Read the article So, Spider-Man! Brilliant Disguise!; The Real Mild-Mannered Parkers Are in a Superhero’s Fictional Lair – NY Times for more.

13: 8 Things Every Woman Should Do To Her Hair At Some Point – The Frisky, of which I’ve done 6 out of 8 (I haven’t done the big hair or done a buzz cut, both I’m planning to do both… Not at the same time. That might be a bit… hard?)

And moving on to the more wonderful things.

14: Catching paedophiles using image-processing technology – BBC News Technology

15: Psychiatry’s “Bible” Gets an Overhaul – Scientific American

16: Chilean artist Jose Romussi (Check out his website!) combines old photographs and colorful thread to create amazing pieces of art.

Read more at: Colorful Thread Breathes New Life Into Old Photos – My Modern Metropolis

16: All of Earth’s Water in a Single Sphere – USGS

17: Jade Salero wants to see beautiful palces before she goes blind – Mail Online

18: Vogue magazines take a step towards realism with banning underage and overly-thin models.

19: Ancient map gives clue to fate of ‘Lost Colony’ – The Telegraph

20: New Procedure Repairs Severed Nerves in Minutes, Restoring Limb Use in Days Or Weeks – sciencenewsline

21: Here’s something strangely touching to read from one meme-star to another; Scumbag Steve’s Advice to Annoying Facebook Girl.

And to bring this post to an end, here’s the list of collected things on Reddit:

22: List of Netflix Instant’s Top 500 Films

23: What seemingly innocent choice has had the greatest impact on your life? – AskReddit

24: How can I learn to read people like Sherlock? – AskReddit

25: Redditor mixes identities of his girlfriend and female friend who has a crush on him, tells it on thread, finds out that she’s a redditor in the comments and all consuming chaos ensues to the terror and delight of other redditors. It’s hard to believe it’s true but it is. Just read the comments.

26: Single ladies, what places do you go to when you’re interested in finding a potential one? – AskReddit

27: One of the reasons I’m on Reddit so much is because people share amazing things like this one; One of the best pictures and moments of my life – pics

28: And because redditors ask some interesting questions and most of them get equally interesting answers, as in the thread Has anybody married their best friend because you both got tired of searching? How’d it work out? – AskReddit

29: Also, Reddit, the guy from Ancient Aliens just threatened to slap me in the face with his big veiny cock. What’s your most hilarious confrontation with a celebrity? – AskReddit

30: And .. Has anyone ever been so shocked by a simple, kind gesture before? – AskReddit

31: It’s neverending… … What’s something you’ve said/done that you didn’t expect to have such a big impact? – AskReddit

32:  A redditor finds a conspiracy that has to do with the community.

33: There’s a kind redditor/mod on the books subreddit who holds a monthly book-giveaway, which is just pure awesomeness.

34: A thread discussing must-see’s and must-do’s on a roadtrip across the US, which is helpful for those planning on a roadtrip at some point (Myself included..)

Wrapping up this post, here’s two awesome websites that I recommend you check out:

35: PastPages, “the news homepage archive”

36: FoldingStory, “The Group Storytelling Game” (Thanks to O. for the tip!)


And that’s it for this post, gifs and random images to follow and tomorrow I’ll post some freshly scanned pictures of my own!




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