From Neg to Pos – Self-Produced Pictures from the Personal Archives, Part 1: In Color

As most of you are aware of, I’m currently studying photography and I’ve held photography close to my heart for many years now. I just finished scanning a number of negatives and I decided to post my favorites here.

Now, I’m usually pretty lax with all things concerning copyright and the use of my images but I ask now that you, dear reader, kindly take into regard that these are my own images that I’ve taken, processed and created all by myself so I do in fact own the full copyright to these images. If you want to use any of the images in this post, kindly either take contact or then at least link back to me/this post. The images have zero protection/copyright information because I’m a lazy bugger and it’s really late. But I do give a warning – if I find these swimming around under someone else’s name… Well, it remains to be seen what would happen.

Anyway – I love color film. I love film, there’s a much more taciturn feeling when you work with film, it feels as if you’re actually creating something, taking your time in creating images and pictures that feel more alive than what digital pictures might feel. And the truth is that film has a greater depth and tone than what digital images have of themselves (Usually it takes a minimum of a 30 for me to create the same kind of feeling as an analog picture). I suppose it’s the grain..

The next parts will include black and white images that haven’t been used or shown yet.



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