If I Could Surround Myself with Kitsch, I Would… Well, Probably

I love most things kitsch.

Problem with it is that you always go overboard and after a while you start getting tired of the plethora of half-ironic paintings, multi-colored and multi-patterned objects and pictures that laden down your walls and all the tiny knickknacks that threaten to burst out of captivity and swarm in to the streets, drowning the world in kitsch. Kitsch is actually hard to do well, the entire idea is to be as tasteless, the least classy and as overboard and dramatic as you can. With kitsch too much is in fact too little. Maybe that’s the whole selling point to kitsch – do as you please. Within your own limits and reasons…

Still, who can resist bunny salt and pepper shakers and a ceramic popcorn bowl? I swear, Urban Outfitters is a small slice of kitschy heaven.


Rabbit Salt & Pepper Set

Popcorn Bowl

By the way, take a look at the Wikipedia article on “Kitsch”. Who knew kitsch could be so complicated?



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