Massive Headache, Tired Eyes & Lessons Learned

Is what you get from straining both your eyes and neck for several hours. Why? you ask. Well, I just completed the final portion to getting my official drivers licence so yay to that. This meant that I have for the past six hours practiced driving on wet, slippery surfaces (as it is compulsory for every new driver to do so in most of Scandinavia) and practiced many of the things that are required to survive driving on icy, snowy and wet roads.

As a consequence I’m competely pooped and I’m not sure how much energy I have to output it into blogging. However, I will try my darndest to blog something else except this post.

Also, I beg pardon for not blogging yesterday – my internet connection went belly up just as I was getting started.

Thirdly, New of the Week will be, in accordance to earlier blog routines, up tomorrow for you leisurely weekend enjoyment.

And that’s all for now…


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