News of the Past Weeks: Photography, Gaming & Some Things in Between

1: Programmer nails real-time rendering of ultra-realistic human skin – Gizmodo, check out the images that are part of the article – I personally cannot decide if it’s incredible, impressive or down right creepy.

2: Sony and Microsoft were planning disc-free next-gen consoles – DVICE but it seems as if both Sony and Microsoft have decided not to. Joy!

3: Oh, and speaking of the devil PlayStation 4 due in 2013 – Report – Gamespot

4: From the Microsoft camp; Report: How Scammers Are Stealing Xbox Live Accounts, and the Few Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself [Update] – Kotaku. In some strange way this also serves to remember me that I need to renew my Xbox Live membership…

5: E3 2012: E3 2012’s Most Anticipated: Assassin’s Creed 3 – CVG. An excellent read! I’m looking forward to seeing the live streams of the E3 presentations.

6: In a fantastic twist of fandom – dA artist lupodirosso’s Mass Effect hoodie designs get picked by Bioware as official merchandise, alongside the previous N7 hoodie and other products.

7: Here’s a fantastic, in-depth analysis of Portal; ” Mothers, Lies and Cake – an analysis of ‘Portal’… (spoilers) “

8: Bethesda releases Dawnguard DLC trailer, previewing some serious epicness. Earlier on Bethblog; newest update announced, promising mounted combat.

9: Dead Space 3 screenshots and logo leaked or released and just to be on the safe side…

Rounds fired during a year


10: New Software Suite to Detect Stealthy Image Manipulation – Petapixel

11: You Are Not Banksy, Familiar Banksy Art Recreated with Real Models – Laughing Squid

12: The Gun and The Camera: A Historical Relationship – PetaPixel

13: As Memorial Day Nears, a Single Image That Continues to Haunt – New York Times / At War blog

14: Photos of North Korea by Eric Lafforgue –

15: Using Painters Tape to Hang Picture-Perfect Picture Frames – PetaPixel

16: Reddit thread links to and discuss one point on NatGeo’s “Your Shot” page – photo filters are a no-no, you know, like the filters that can be seen in pictures on InstaGram etc? Yeah, those.

The Essence of Propaganda


17: Earth took ten million years to recover from Permian-Triassic extinction –

18: Pop and politics collide at Europe’s awesomely trashy song contest – Boing Boing,

19: Manatee and kid – Boing Boing, or as it’s called Overlord Manatee.

20: ACTA crash-landing in the EU – Boing Boing, hurray!

21: WordPress, Reddit, Cheezburger and Others Join New Internet Defense League – All Things D. I like the name “Internet Defense League”, it sounds so heroic.

22: Facebook’s first week is (almost) the worst of any IPO in 10 years – VentureBeat. Can I admit that I do feel a bit of the sweet, sweet shaedenfreude? Can I? Am I allowed to?

23: Now how ridiculous is this; Man launches lawsuit to have Google’s trademark on its own name undone – Digital Trend. What is this man thinking? There is no way this lawsuit will go anywhere else than into the nearest trashcan…

24: And this is hilarious; Networks, Dish Network clash over “Auto-Hop” feature – Digital Trends. Companies counter-suing each other back and forth. What is this world coming to?

And speaking of what is this world coming to?!, What is going on in Canada?

25: asks Boing Boingreports the Guardian and discusses an interviewed journalist.

What did I tell you? Overlord Manatee, right there.


26: Redditor who has seen Prometheus shares his opinions without spoiling the movie for the rest of us

27: ” Reddit what is the most powerful image you have ever seen? ” – AskReddit

28: Redditors share their happiest moments in life – AskReddit

29: ” IAmA former NZ army soldier who was an extra in Lord of the Rings – AMA” – IAmA

30: ” I’m Matthew Lillard. Stu from Scream, Shaggy in Scooby Doo, and most importantly Steveo in SLC Punk! I now direct, who woulda guessed? AMA ” – IAmA. Wow, I remember when I had the hugest celeb-crush on Matthew Lillard when he stared as Shaggy in the Scooby Doo movies.

31: ” What do you think the Internet will be like in 20 years? ” – AskReddit

32: Redditor makes a fellow redditor’s birthday just a little bit better, which is really sweet.

33: ” Reddit what absolutely fills you with rage no matter how much of a good mood you are in? ” – AskReddit

34: ” IAmA 25 year old who is living with incurable brain cancer ” – IAmA

The Scientific Memethod


35: Check out the coolest “404 – File Not Found” page ever!

36: Crinkle Cut French Fry-Shaped Cakes with Raspberry Ketchup – Laughing SquidInstructable to said Cake Fries! Yum! (Ham’s reaction: ” I’d prefer the real fries…”)

37: Shaving Your Legs: 6 Ways We’re All Messing Up This Hair Removal Technique(PHOTOS) – Stylelist. This. Why hasn’t anyone written this article earlier?!

38: Check out ORBIS, a model of the Roman empire and world.

39: NASA’s Voyager Hits New Region At Solar System Edge, going to infinity and beyond!

Last but not least, at least to the joy of my comic book friends:

40: Robert Downey Jr. Sighted Arriving To IRON MAN 3 Set; Minor Production Update –

The Scientific Memethod? Fixed


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