Currently On the Tube – Well, At Least On My Laptop’s Screen…

Now that summer’s in full swing I find myself doing very little except watching TV series that I have missed or skipped during the past fall. I do this either underneath an umbrella on the porch or ‘laxing in my soft, cushy bed. The sad fact is that I should be doing some else entirely but… Well, I have no excuses other than that I’m occasionally a massive slob.

Anyway, here’s what I’m watching:


The one series that I’ve been following from the moment it started showing and the one series that I’ve watched loyally since then. This series seldom goes wrong. Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion and the rest of the supporting cast is amazing and the storyline never fails in captivating me. The perfect mix of action, drama, comedy and occasional romance. And yay! Something expected finally happened in the season finale! By the way – Castle bloopers? They.are.hilarious. You should be able to find them all on YouTube.

New Girl

Crazily addictive with the quirky, crazy charm of Zooey Deschanel and her dudes. Really, there’ nothing more to say – watch the series! I warmly recommend it if you’re in need of a dash of cooky craziness. (Also, Deschanel reminds me of a certain friend who currently lives in London, check out my buddies blog here and decide for yourself if you see some similarities…)

The Big Bang Theory

This series is by now a classic and shame on you if you haven’t watched it. Because you really should.

Also, hilarious bloopers.

Once Upon A Time

Okay, gloomy screen cap aside, this series is lovely – a complete reinterpretation of all your favorite, classic fairytales. Snow White? Yeah, not so puny this time around, saving her Prince Charming time and time again. And Prince Charming himself? Well, there’s more to him than you might think. And there is so much more to this series as well. The second season is going to be well, interesting if the season finale is anything to go by.

2 Broke Girls

I admit that I was very skeptic about this series, until I actually watched an episode and came to the conclusion that it might be one of the best written sit-com’s from the past season.

Doctor Who

I shamefully admit to having only seen a few episodes from David Tennant’s era but I look forward to watching from the beginning – and I mean all the way from the beginning.


I blamed my cousins for introducing me to Supernatural. Now I thank them. This series is awesome and highly addictive and is yet an other series with hilarious blooper reels, all of which can be found on YouTube.


Yet an other series I have my cousins to thank for. Oh, Merlin.


And that’s the series that I can remember from the top of my head and are on my “Watch now”-list. There are also some random Japanese and Korean series but I can’t remember them right now…


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