This year, at least in so far, is awesome. I wouldn’t have minded at all to have been there myself to see all of this live. Well, luckily all the trailers and videos are available on YouTube… Warning: This is purely gaming related. So if you have zero interest in these things then scroll along.

Cortona looks pissed…

Dishonored looks amazing.

 Ubi’s entire conference was well worth the wait and missing a couple of hours of sleep for.

Fisher and Co. is back.

Ubisoft naturally also showed lots of AC3 related material, as expected by many fans.

And also snuck over to Sony’s conference to reveal a separate game for the PS Vita and to show the naval battle in Assassin’s Creed 3

But the real show-stopper is Watch Dogs, understandably the last thing Ubisoft announced/revealed during their conference and the one thing they have held hidden the most:

One thing is clear: Come spring I’ll be surviving on chicken, noodles and countless hours in front of a TV screen, my Xbox controller clutched in my hands.

Also, if you want to watch all the individual press conference’s head over to YouTube and search “E3 2012 Press Conference”. They should pop up neatly in a row (Ubisoft, Sony, Microsoft, EA and some others).



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