Pasta Carbonara & White Polished Toes

Late last night I was struck with an acute, over-whelming desire for pasta while waiting for Ubisoft’s conference to begin. Post-midnight pasta is never a good idea, as I’ve come to learn from a horrible mistake, so I waited out until today when I finally rewarded myself and my family by preparing a lip-licking good pasta carbonara and a simple, olive oil drenched tomato salad. I quickly came to the conclusion that whatever the pasta recipe is that you are making, mix in egg yolks, water and olive oil (Together) and you will certainly polish your bowl clean.

In completely unrelated matters: I love summer. No better excuse than wearing a run-down t-shirt with thin summery skirts, shitty hair and not a speck of makeup anywhere. Ah, summer. Oh, and not cleaning your room, though I am feeling very guilty about that. I also have six different things that need to get hung up on my walls so I better find a hammer and some nails tomorrow…

Anyway, back to things that are actually related to the title – I decided, last-minute, to polish my toenails white. Why? I have no idea. I just noticed that my new manicure didn’t go with the one on my toes so I redid them. Do I like the white nail polish on my toes? Well, I don’t know yet… I’ll get back to you on that one. What I can say for now is that Essie’s white nail polish is really, really clean and crisp. It almost glows in the dark. Almost.

Yes, I shit you not – that is my pillow, freshly washed. My toes are the same color as freshly washed, crisp white sheets. I’m not sure it it’s weird or cool…

Some of you might wonder how it is that I blog. Do I sit up right by a desk and bash away on my keyboard or do I slouch and hover over my laptop, staring at the screen wondering what I should find? Neither – I lie on my bed. Flat on my belly with my eyes barely staying open and my vision occasionally becoming blurry because I’m falling asleep.

Yup – that’s how I do it. On my bed. Last few hours before I head off to sleep, late at night in my pj’s. Kind of ruined it for you, did I? Or maybe I didn’t and this is exactly how you imagined I did my blogitty. Well – there you have it. It’s just me, my trusty, loyal MacBook Pro and my comfy, oh-so-plushy bed. The holy trifecta of Rebecca’s Corner.


P.s Small detail about the uppermost picture – no, I do not have inverted feet, I’m standing with my left foot crossed over my right foot. Wait… Am I? Or is the right foot crossed over the left foot? Ah – I don’t know, you tell me. But I do admit that it looks really stupid. What poor, sad excuse for a pose is that?! Really now.


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