YO-laketti by Kirsi Nisonen

Picture from YO-laketti’s Facebook page

Finnish designer Kirsi Nisonen has reimagined the traditional black and white student cap that is used in northern parts of Europe. This ingenious combination of the traditional elements of the cap, a modern, sleek aesthetic and practicality and a classic form make this a staple for any style-minded lady who wishes to wear her student cap without mushing her hair.

Interested in getting one but have no idea where to find it? Luckily for us ladies, accessories and jewelry company Cailap sells the YO-laketti by Kirsi Nisonen in major department stores around Finland, or you can order one from the link from earlier in this sentence that lead to Cailap’s webshop.

Stylish, isn’t it?


P.s For you out there who are not versed (Trust me – there aren’t many who are and no one expects you to be if you’re not from Finland) in the finesses of the Finnish language – YO is short for ylioppilas which means “student” English.

P.p.s More precisely – ylioppilas means secondary school graduate. Those who graduate from a vocational school have their own hats, of which I know nothing about because I graduated from a high school (or a secondary school depending on where you’re from) and not from a vocational school. And now I’m rambling. damnit


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