Cleared My History & Caused Some Chaos

I noticed my Safari had started lagging so I cleared my History. Five seconds later I went “Oh, could do me some derping around the interwebz”, punched in some combinations on my keyboard and started to grow increasingly frustrated when I noticed that nothing came up except for the default saved bookmarks (You know – E is eBay). Then came the moment when I realized that I had wiped clean my browsing history and that I now had to try to rememebr all the url addresses from the deep coves of my mind. Well, I did eventually succeed in recovering the addresses from my poor memory. And yes, I bookmarked all the necessary websites. Interestingly, I have yet to bookmark the WordPress-url.

And that was the introduction to this post. From here on – more sensical stuff!

I think I, in yesterday’s post, mentioned having done a small diy project and if I further remember correctly I promised some pictures. Well, indeed I did. So with no further aplomb, pictures:

It’s really easy, no hassle at all and you end up with charming results. Now, you might be wondering how it is done. Well, it’s wonderfully simple and takes little time and/or effort. What you need is:

– One rubber stamp of chosen motif. 

– One ink cushion of chosen brand and color

– One silly scissor with chosen pattern (The scissor I have has a pattern called “Victorian”)

– One well-worn pen of chosen brand and type

– One chosen mechanism of fastening labels

– One pair of finicky hands and fingers attached

And that’s all you need. After that it’s just to sit down (Me – in front of the TV) and get doing. In the end you have created some along the lines of what you might have wanted to create.

Like I said, wonderfully simple.

On another note: Those who know me know that I’m not an overly vain person. Sure, I like to dress well and look polished but I rarely spend time primping and preening myself. But there are exceptions: My hair (Which I color religiously every four months) and my nails (Which I repaint every other week). So keep reading…

I really, really like this manicure and I will do it in the future. Also, I’m completely sold on white nail polish.

However, this still makes me want to cry:



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