End of the Week News & Other Things

1: ” Teachers of Reddit, what’s the best thing you’ve overheard in class?” – AskReddit

2: ” What is the most clever thing you’ve heard in passing? ” – AskReddit

3: Redditors share their most horrible birthday stories – AskReddit

4: ” Reddit, is it possible to train yourself to think of interesting and witty things to say? ” – AskRedditredditor inferior-troll has the comprehensive comment, sharing his advice on the subject.

5: ” Parents of Reddit, what are some of your kids’ secrets they think they are hiding well from you? ” – AskReddit, this made me think: How much do our parents actually know, and how much do they tell us about the things they know? It’s actually somewhat scary…

6: Redditors solve a mystery about a broken DVD that shows a weird screen and a weird codes – AskReddit

7: Reddit share proposals-gone-wrong stories. – AskReddit

8: IAMA Former Peace Corps volunteer that was raped during my service. AMA – IAmAredditor shares a warning example to be careful with volunteer organizations

9: Redditor jeeekel’s comment gives birth to this:


10: Redditor sealclubber explains where the holes on bricks come from and why

11: ” I am a published psychologist, author of the Stanford Prison Experiment, expert witness during the Abu Ghraid trials. AMA starting June 7th at 12PM ” – IAmA, gives insight in how the Forever Alone phenomena has come to. That’s write Phil Zimbardo has done an IAmA, the most interesting one I’ve read in a long time. Also, the Stanford Prison Experiment book is definitely worth reading.

12: This is just fascinating; redditors discuss possible coverup and debunking the entire thing.

13: For all the fellow photographers out there; Here’s a neat trick to determine your dominant eye – photography, also featured on PetaPixel. Most people’s dominant eye is the right one. Me? My dominant eye is the left one.

Princesses / Actresses

14: 10 Voice Actors Who Look Like Their Characters – Flavorwire

Sally Mann’s developer tray

15: The Well-Worn Developer Trays of Famous Photographers – PetaPixel

16: Mind-Bending Mirror Scene from the Movie “Sucker Punch” – PetaPixel

17: Olympic Committee Clarifies Photography Rules for London 2012 – PetaPixel

18: Facing The Future: Nine Perspectives on the Future of Photography – PetaPixel

19: Fashion Street Photography in Madrid with The Sartorialist – PetaPixel

20: Photographer Martin Schoeller’s Unique Portraits of High Profile People – PetaPixel, love the portrait of Paul Rudd

21: Stunning Photos That Capture the Feeling of Silence – Flavorwire

Image from PetaPixel

22: Ever Wonder What This Symbol on Your Camera Means? – PetaPixel

23: If you like me missed the Transit of Venus, see it here and here.

24: Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe – Inside Science

25: Fossil Primate Teeth Found in Asia – The Mary Sue

26: Does the sun make you sneeze? It’s not just you – The Body Odd / MSNBC

27: Green decline “may bring irreversible change” – BBC News


28: Russo Brothers announced to direct Captain America – The Mary Sue

29: Lone Ranger and Thor 2 Release Dates Changed – GeekTyrant

30: Iron Man 3 Set Pics – TDW Geeks

31: The Avengers Assembled Blu-ray set – Ten Discs, Six Movies – nerdbastards.com

32: New Pictures From Brave Feature The Wisps And The Witch – The Mary Sue

33: 11 Great Geek Wedding Dresses – Mental Floss

34: Matt and Asia’s Minecraft Wedding – The Goodness

35: Skyrim DLC Release Date Revealed At E3 2012 – International Business Times

The Venus Transit

36: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Security Bulletins Updated – Adobe, in other words download patches here.

37: Protesters rally after Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak is sentenced to life in prison – CNN

38: Danish parliament approves equal marriage laws – PinkNews.co.uk

39: Moscow bans gay pride for century ahead – RT and Russian lawmakers adopt controversial protest bill – FRANCE 24

40: South Korea surrenders to creationist demands – Nature, references to evolution are to be removed from high-school textbooks. Idiocy, if you ask me…

41: Math professor’s side mirror that eliminates ‘blind spot’ receives US patent – PhysOrg

42: Mysterious radiation burst recorded in tree rings – Nature

43: Mobile tactile tech gets physical – TG Daily

44: Excuuuuuse Meeeeeeeee, Steve Martin Tribute Art Show at Gallery1988 – Laughing Squid

45: DIY: How to Stud Ballet Flats – FabSugar

46: 5 Ways College Accidentally Prepares You for the Real World – Cracked.com

Bye-Bye Polar Bear



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