Holy Cow!

I hadn’t noticed that an entire day had zipped by until I turned on my computer late this evening while watching TV and I looked up into the upper righthand corner and my clock said “Thur Jun 7 23:59”.

My comprehension and perception of time has become completely corrupted in a matter of weeks, if you ask me. This is what happens when I have shoddy routines. I’m really the kind of person who functions on an optimal level when I have some kind of a daily routine, which I came to learn during a year-and-a-half of doing nothing but applying to universities after high school. Actually ignore this entire paragraph – it’s complete nonsensical rambling.

Anyway, I had thought about posting a Thursday Night News-post but that was several hours before I started Diy-ing in front of the TV and schlepping around the house while my computer lay dormant beside my abandoned bed. I figured that two days of lying in bed watching sub-par jdoramas (Japanese dramas) was enough and I took myself to the nearest mall (if you can call it that…) and bought from do-it-yourself-supplies and created some labels for our new Ikea mason jars and spice jars. Why?

Well, the mason jars store things such as flour, sugar, icing sugar and mineral salt which all have the same appearance (White) and texture (Grainy) so it’s actually confusing to try to pick the right jar. The only difference between them is taste and my dear father, who has more or less numbed his taste buds over the years, could not taste differentiate mineral salt from sugar before I remarked upon how we have more sugar than salt, therefore the sugar is stored in a larger jar than the salt. Luckily I did this before any greater gastronomical disasters occurred. Well, the conundrum of the mason jars has been fixed with my nifty l’il labels. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow so you’ll get to see what they look like. They actually look, dare I say this? Cute. And they are practical. Seldom you hear those two words to describe something, at least coming from me. No ugly, glue-on labels, no siree. Oh and the spice jars are not in acute need of labels, at least not yet, so I’m going to make their labels later on.

Speaking of white things – I removed the white nail polish pedicure and did a manicure instead, using the white nail polish as an accent.

Left hand

Right hand

Cool right? The polishes are Chanel’s Ballerina and Essie’s Blanc.

After I had removed the white nail polish I noticed that my toes have yet to recover from the “injuries” sustained during the walkathon (walked 21.1 hm in 3 hours and 25 minutes, if you missed that part) in February. I repeat: In. Fricking. February. I know all lot of my friends, relatives and acquaintances warned me that it would take a long time for it to clear up entirely but to take 5 months? As it now looks, it’ll take an entire year if not two. To see what I mean (Warning for icky pic if you don’t like toes from some reason):

No matter how much I use Bokeh and color filters – these puppies are ugly, bruised and in a stage where no amount of nail polish can cover it. Especially not the left toe because there’s this weird ridge… Well, I don’t want to gross you out with the details. But I honestly look forward to the day I can use peep-toe sandals without painted toenails again.

Oh, and the fourth subject for this ramble-filled post: Does anyone else feel as though it is time for this blog to get a new look? If you don’t, then comment. If you do,then comment. Seriously, I’d appreciate any opinions on this matter… I’m not kidding folks. I’m awfully tempted to do an entire rehash but that would mean making a new background image, digging up a header image and finely tuning a theme so that it fits this blogs (attempted) atmosphere. Any and all opinions and non-opinions are warmly welcomed, read, analyzed and taken into account and replied to.


P.s Random WordPress related trivia: The spellcheck or Proofread Writing function does not recognize the word “Ikea”. Curious, that.


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