Drawn-Out Waiting & Viennese Cigars

Today’s been a calm day, except when I washed the entire terrace that winds around the house, vacuumed the house and washed the toilets. And when I drove to the supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner (Club Sandwich). The weather has been phenomenal and nature is in full bloom.

The most dramatic thing that happened today was when my frustration peaked. I’ve been waiting for the official translated copies of my matriculation exam certificate. I ordered the transcripts on a Friday, called the next Monday to check that they had received my order (Which they had). I then asked how long it would take for the certificates to arrived via post. “Oh, about 2 to 3 weeks” is what they replied. Well, it’s now on week 3 and in a week’s time entire Finland goes on midsummer’s break and small organizations (Like the one I’m writing about) won’t resume office hours until a couple of weeks later, which is when I should have the copies in order for sending them to university and receiving my confirmation letter so that I then can fix my bank account, apply for the state support that every student receives and other things that are very much depending on that one silly person behind a desk who apparently takes a heck of a long time to fill in a template document.

I finally caved and gave them a call. A kind voice on the other end of the phone answered, I explained the situation and things happened in a fast pace. She, the contact person, tapped something into her computer, expelled a confused huff and explained that someone had, by mistake, deleted my order from their in-box. She then went on to redo my order and told me that she would translate and post it today so that it would arrive early next week. So there, one thing done. The lesson? If you have questions, ask. Really simple.

Right now I’m enjoying the ending of the day with Viennese cigars and Castle. What are Viennese cigars? You might know them as Viennese wafers (Milk chocolate rolled in thin chocolate crisp), I know them as Viennese cigars because I see them as cigars… The non-smoker that I am.




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