Well Done, Helsingin Sanomat

Some of you might have heard or read that it’s not going so well for Nokia at the moment. Well, it’s going really bad for them so Helsingin Sanomat, the largest daily newspaper here in Finland, printed a really impressive inside front page. This comic was underneath the editorial. It says in Finnish “Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy , Nokia”. The text in the speech bubble says “So how much?”. Well, I think you can figure it out on your own…

And you might be wondering how bad it’s going to Nokia. Well they just announced that 10, 000 employees are being laid off of which 3700 are from Finland and of that number, 850 are being laid off from the most important factory in Salo. Here Helsingin Sanomat outdid themselves in presenting this fact in a graphic and striking way:

If you look close you see that every block is a sad smiley face. The blue are those laid of from the factory in Salo, the black are from other areas.

So yes, well done Helsingin Sanomat and congratulations on making a front page that people will take about for years to come!



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