Post-Midsummer Merriness & Madness

The current state of my bedroom in town is appalling. That might be one of the greater setbacks of growing up and starting your own, adult life: You’re met with the challenge of emptying out your childhood bedroom.

For some people this process might not be all that dramatic but the truth is that I’ve grown accustomed to this apartment and to this room and leaving it is not breaking my heart, but something along the line. Strangely I had thought that this whole job would be a lot tougher but truth be told – it’s pretty easy and wonderfully refreshing.

So the thing is that this is turning out to be time-consuming and energy draining (Lugging boxes to and fro, empyting drawer after drawer and stuffing shit in suitcases and Ikea bags) and I probably won’t have much energy and/or time to blog this week but I will try my best.

In other personal news; I visited the ear doc today for a checkup on my buggy left ear (I’ve had pulsatile tinnitus for the past week-and-half) and the doc care me a prescription for an inner-ear medication (She thinks that it might be tension in the inner ear) and told me to get an appointment for a hearing test and a to call her. So there’s that as well. There is a lot going on this week. A hectic week.




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