Sorry – I’m having a very bear-ish phase right now in which I can’t get enough of bear-related videos, especially videos with bear cubs.

Yes I know that they are predators and “ruthless killers” but I try to live in a bit of a denial and imagine bears to be fluffy, cute looking animals that make adorable noises, have adorable ears and act like Pooh Bear… Alas, they look cute, make adorable noises and have adorable ears but sadly they are known for attacking human beings who trespass their territories and disturb them. Bears should be equally respected, adored and feared. I’d like to think that we have that kind of balance towards bears in general…

I love it how the momma bear just easily pushes the garage door open… That is some amazing strength.

Anyone else find it a bit… peculiar that is two different talk shows, two different wildlife experts but with the same animals and the same following (First a grizzly cub and then a baby alligator)? Hm, coincidence or no?

Actually – don’t care that much because bears!



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