Some Things I Missed Yesterday

So in all my haste and tiredness I forgot to post some of the things that were meant to be included in the previous News and Things-post. I beg pardon and here they come…

1: Prada’s Menswear Fall 2012 ad campaign is an impressive attempt at combining a modern aesthetic with steampunk style. (Tom & Lorenzo)

2: Mulberry’s Fall campaign combines a classic child’s book with accessories and sky-high heels.

3: Something that I agree with and that I probably will refer to in the future; Canadian fed court: linking isn’t copyright infringement, neither is excerpting an article – Boing Boing

4: Whilst in Australia; R18+ computer games legislation passes the Parliament.

5: Just When You Got Digital Technology, Film Is Back – Film Photography’s Revival in a Digital World –

6: Redditor shares how tilt-shift lenses are traditionally used in films – Imgur

7: With An Average Age Of 50, The MKII & A Vest Pocket Kodak Totally Rock –, photographer Rick Nunn documents his modding of a 100 year-old Kodak lens to a Canon 5D MK 2 with great detail to many’s joy.

8: Happy dog’s everywhere; Bowser Beer for Dogs – Laughing Squid

9: Roman jewellery found in ancient Japan tomb – Yahoo! News

10: Quantum teleportation leaps forward – Science News

11: Finally – actual praise for Fifth Element and yes, the movie Fifth Element. I agree – it’s a greatly underrated movie.

12: ” Reddit, what was the worst party you ever attended? ” – AskReddit

13: ” I just saw a WWII photography come to life! ” – photography

14: ” Lawrence Lessing succinctly explains (10 min) how money dominates our legislature … ” – politics

15: Redditor squidboots explains how one can counter the classic “If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about”- argument.

16: ” I have worked in an illegal gambling ring and was eventually raided by the Houston Vice Division. AMA ” – IAmA

17: ” How to get detailed skin effects in photoshop? ” – photography

18: ” Who are you? ” – AskReddit

19: ” What is the worst plausible thing that could happen to the world in one day? ” – AskReddit



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