That White Little Pill & Hello Mr. Hearing, How Are You Today?

This little bugger (Betaserc, if you’re wondering) is what lies between me and a healthy inner-ear and the end of the whooshing sounds that are plaguing and mocking me. Interestingly, the doctor told me that it might take several weeks for the medication to take effect but I’ve noticed that something’s happening already – the time that I hear  (Note the difference between hearing a noise and a concentrating to a noise – those with tinnitus know what I mean) the whooshing is less than what it was a week ago. This is excellent news.

Also related to my current ear-issue; I had a hearing test/audiogram done to find out if I have any hearing impairments and the joyful news is that I don’t! Have any problems with my hearing. Well, except with the small hiccup in my left ear and the constant, never-ending tinnitus in my right.

Anyway – There are some frequencies that I’m unable to distinguish as either sounds that originate outside of my own hearing/ear or if the sounds are part my own tinnitus (These were the extreme frequencies, high’s and low’s). Still, the technician told me that there was nothing wrong with my hearing and that anything going on in my left ear has zero impact on how or what I hear. Which, yet again, is excellent news.

So tomorrow I had a telephone-appointment with my doctor to discuss the results and how we go further. She might try to hand me another prescription/medication but I think I might decline that one (Since it’s a heavy drug and unnecessary if you only have mild injuries to your ear, which I don’t have). So here’s to hoping that this doesn’t turn into a “Hey, Rebecca’s drugged out and trying to type something readable”-blog. Me and medicines have a bit of a rocky history (I try to live without drugs as much as I can. Yes, I do take headache pills and painkillers when necessary but not much else).

r is out. night.


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