There Might Be Some Order Among the Mess of My Life

I’m closing in on the end of week-long job of cleaning out my bedroom, closet and bookshelf and wondrously the only things I have left are some random loose bits that are lying around, small bits and bobs.

What is above is only half of the stuff that is moving house. I have come to the immediate conclusion that I have too much stuff…


P.s I spoke with the ear doctor a couple of hours ago and according to the doc my hearing is perfect and my hearing is symmetrical (Her words) and my left ear has better hearing than my right. So everything is going as it should, I’m to continue my current medication until I feel that the issue has passed. All is well.

P.p.s While packing I’ve watched three movies, two episodes of Real Housewives of O.C (Entertaining) and right now Castle’s on. TV on Thursday’s is good.

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