The Hoodie Hath Cometh!

It came today, a discreet knock on the front door, a UPS package that was stamped with Canadian postage stamps. Inside some things that I’ve waited for a long time – neatly tucked away for protection inside this plastic bag that promised awesomeness.

The Fall’s Deluxe Edition which I’ll read in one sitting the next rainy day that comes (This Sunday is promised…)

Inside a smaller package was this smile-inducing letter.

And this:

Not much to say about the print than I’m on a hunt for a frame in which it will fit. And then it shall be hung on my bedroom wall.

But then part of the parcel that I’ve been waiting for most was this:

So soft and fluffy, perfect between thin and thick and just pure awesome.

The back.

Let me tell you this: I’ll be wearing this hoodie a lot. In fact as much as I can.



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