Snapseed & PictureShow

The Snapseed App (for the iPad and the iPhone) is a photo-editing powerhouse, especially considering it’s for the Pad and the Phone. But the best thing of all? Snapseed’s also available for download via the App Store directly to your computer! 

Snapseed via App Store (Computer)

Snapseed via iTunes (iPad/iPhone)

So what can Snapseed do? Well… A lot.

The two images above were taken with my iPhone. Yes, I like taking pictures with my iPhone. My DSLR is a little awkward to carry around all the time so I rely on my iPhone when I’m casually taking pictures. The image below was taken with my Canon 7D during the recent, clear view of the full moon.  It’s just to show you how much you can control the separate effects and adjustments.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what app I use for editing the pictures for the blog – well, it’s not Snapseed. It’s an equally to Snapseed, wonderful photo-editing app for the iPhone and iPad called PictureShow.

The reason I love these two apps is that they are both incredibly versatile – there a literally countless ways you can use them, all to your own style and preference. If there are two photo-editing apps that you should get, it’s these two.


P.s News and Other Things will be up tomorrow.


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