Monday News & Things From the Past Week

HA! See? I kept my promise, didn’t I?

1: ” What’s the creepiest non-paranormal thing that’s happened to you? ” – AskReddit. One thing I’ve come to learn from this thread is not to go camping or hunting on your own…

2: Redditors give cooking and food advice to a single father of three kids, giving great advice to other redditors as well.

3: ” Finally went out on a limb and emailed every wedding/photojournalist in my area looking for backup jobs. I feel fantastic ” – photography, also with an update. This is something I can learn from. I’m way to shy and careful when it comes to things like this…

4: Redditors seven-year-old son wants to ask ” What were your favorite toys when you were 7 years old? ” – AskReddit and suddenly it’s like a torrential downpour of nostalgia.

5: Here’s a very interesting thread that I carefully read through and in doing that, learned a couple of things; ” To NonAmerican Redditors. When you learned about world war 2 in school did you focur on the USA’s involvement at all? What did you focus on in your WWII education? ” – AskReddit

6: ” What movie scene hits you hard every time? ” – AskReddit. Among the answere are some less expected, some oldies and some obscure ones.

7: ” IAmA Russian Mail Order Bride living in US. AMA ” – IAmA, also; An IAmA by a child (now grownup) to a former mail order bride. Why is this is commented and read? Well, it was requested…

8: ” Reddit, what is a definite deal breaker for you in a romantic relationship? ” – AskReddit

9: ” IAMA guy who passed the bar exam without going to law school (responding to request). AMA! ” – IAmA

10: ” Reddit, how many of you feel so alone but act like you’re not when you’re around other people? ” – AskReddit

11: ” Former US Army medic: 2009-2010 Bagdad, Iraq; 2011-2012 Kabul, Afghanistan, AMA ” – IAmA

12: ” Tattoo artists of Reddit, what is the worst mistake you have made while tattooing a client? ” – AskReddit

13: ” Hey Reddit, what are your worst roommate stories? I’ll start. ” – AskReddit

14: ” What do you believe is the most important question human beings must answer? ” – AskReddit

15: ” I am Dorky Kong, Wipeout’s latest winner. AMA ” – IAmA

16: Redditors share the funnies advice given by a teacher.

17: And share stories of times when companies have given good, truly impeccable, customer service.

18: Redditor Backupusername explains the post-book depression that hits many avid readers after finishing a book.

19: ” What questions have you been afraid to ask because of social reprecussions? I’ll start ” – AskReddit

20: ” I just went on a state tour of North Korea, one of the first since Kim Jong Uk ascended to power, and I made a film about it. AMA ” – IAmA

21: ” So… my name is Colin Ferguson and I play Sheriff Jack Carter on Eureka – which is a tv show… AMA ” – IAmA

22: ” Reddit, you may remember us from the SOPA/PIPA fight. We’re back together to bring you a Declaration of Internet Freedom ” – politics, article on the Declaration here and check out the Declaration itself here.



23: South Korea to Reconsider Plan to Drop Evolution Examples From Textbooks – ScienceInsider

24: ABC’s Once Upon A Time Casts Mulan & Sleeping Beauty – The Mary Sue

25: Immortality only 20 years away says scientist – The Telegraph

26: The Perfect Compliment – Esquire, on how to correctly compliment people.

27: Talk to the Newsroom – Reader Q&A with Michele McNally, Assistant Managing Editor for Photography at NYT

28: First animation reveals how a face forms in the womb – New Scientist TV

29: Oldest Neolithic Bow Unearthed in Spain –

30: Caveman Bones, 7,000 Years Old, Said To Yield Oldest DNA Of Modern Humans – Huffington Post Science

31: The Suprising Truths About Income Inequality in America – GQ

32: The Obama Health Care Ruling Explained Using GIFs from ” The O.C ” – Warming Glow / UPROXX

33: Landing on Mars: seven minutes of TERROR” – Boing Boing

34: reFramed: In conversation with Richard Koci Hernandez – Framework / LA Times

35: Pictures of Suzanne Rogers’ home – The Coveteur. One word: Opulent.

36: Old School Book Strap DIY – Likecool

37: Check Out this High Fantasy Take on The Avengers – The Mary Sue

38: UCLA develops world’s fastest camera to hunt down cancer in real time – ExtremeTech


wolf cubs!


39: Disney movies world map – Imgur

40: London BFI IMAX screen replacement – Imgur, (related thread)

41: Whiteboard art created by a high school teacher during lunch break – Imgur, (related thread)

42: Behind-the-scenes images from film set of the Gladiator – Imgur, (related thread)




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