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1: ” I found out that my sister who is 14 years older than me is actually my mother. I feel like I’m on Jerry Springer. What should I do?!?! ” – AskReddit

2: ” Dads of Reddit: How has having daughters changed your perception of women? ” – AskReddit, there are some really touching, sweet and funny things here.

3: ” I was dumb enough to go on WipeOut. AMA! ” – IAmA

4: Developer of CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA (And Duolingo) does an IAmA

5: ” Ladies, what have you found to be an effective way to comfort your man when he’s stressed? ” – AskWomen

6: ” My first time in Scotland, trip to Edinburgh and camping in the Highlands! Any tips and tricks? ” – Scotland, just collecting some tips before I head off…

7: On reddiquette – blog.reddit


All you need…


8: ” Finding it hard to get sharpness in my photos. Is it my camera or technique? ” – AskPhotography

9: Street photography etiquette – photography

10: ” How do you guys book photo gigs? ” – photography

11: How to Photograph Fireworks Displays – Digital Photography School

12: Get Some Perspective – Photo Tips / National Geographic

13: Hilarious portraits of photographer Gordon Stettinius that are a lesson in bad taste – Mail Online

14: The Photography Blog: Full-time photography is an endangered species, but so what? – The Independant Blogs

15: How To Shoot A Liquid Flow –


Sprawled out


16: Microsoft, NBC dissolve joint venture – AP

17: Lamar Smith Looking To Sneak Through SOPA In Bits & Pieces, Starting With Expanding Hollywood’s Global Police Force – techdirt

18: ACTA IS BACK: Leaked docs show Canada/ EC trying to sneak ACTA into Canada & back into Europe – Boing Boing

19: US giant Oracle losses in the European Court of Justice where it was ruled that reselling software licenses is permissible –

20: As promised, here’s the photo of $211,223.04 in cash we raised for charity – The Oatmeal


We Are All Human


21: 2 million-year-old skeleton found in Cradle of Humankind – The Sydney Morning Herald

22: Geneticists evolve fruit flies with the ability to count –

23: The Silence on Global Warming – Consortiumnews

24: Babies with dogs less likely to develop colds, ear infections as infants – Healthpops / CBS News

25: Moon patterns explained, Electric fields enveloping magnetic bubbles create lunar swirl – Science News


Experiencing itself


26: Rick Perry To 6.5 Million Texans With No Healthcare-You’re On Your Own – Forbes

27: Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy – Business Insider


Johnny’s Notes


28: London 2012: US Ralph Lauren uniform made in China – BBC News

29: Zany sporting pursuits at the Chap Olympiad –


FedEx Humor


30: Marvel Unleashes Dates For Next 4 Movies – Buzzfeed, also Check out the golden new armor Stark’ll be wearing in Iron Man 3 – Blastr with the added bonus of logos for the upcoming Marvel movies and a first piece of concept art for Iron Man 3.


Avengers & Gods




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