News & Other Things – The Wednesday Edition

1: ” Have you ever gone a long time without music? ” – Music, yes – I’ve now been a month-and-a-half without directly listening to music off my Ipod and it’s killing me…

2: ” Within 15 years, I’ll be blind and bald. What do you have hanging over your head? ” – AskReddit, diabetes and heart disease with a small risk for Alzheimer’s. But I suspect many people have something glooming on the horizon.

3: ” Hey girls, what’s the most creative way a guy has asked you out? ” – AskReddit

4: ” Reddit, What is something that you thought was correct for years that ended up being completely wrong? ” – AskReddit

5: ” Dentists of reddit, where should I put my tongue when you’re poking around inside my mouth? ” – AskReddit

6: Redditors share account names/usernames that they’ve later come to regret or that have “led to unforeseen repercussions”, some more hilarious than others.

7: Redditors discuss going to the movies alone, something I still have yet to try, even though I’ve been meaning to for some time now.

8: ” What are the coolest websites you know? ” – AskReddit

9: ” Redditors who never finished college/university, what kind of job do you currently have and how much do you earn? Do you regret not finishing college? ” – AskReddit

10: Redditors share their favorite client stories, which give insight into customer service-hell.

11: ” … Reddit, what unexpected comments have your families made that stunned you? ” – AskReddit

12: ” How do you know reddit is not getting manipulated and used by various interests and PR groups? ” – AskReddit

13: ” Reddit, what’s the best/worst thing you seen a teacher do? ” – AskReddit

14: ” I am a former devout mormon, now excommunicated AMA ” – IAmA

15: ” IAmA 15-year old high school graduate who skipped 3 grades. AMA ” – IAmA

16: ” IAMA Railroad Conductor and Locomotive Engineer AMA… ” – IAmA

17: One of the writers of Cyanide & Happiness has done a personal AMA, among the questions/answers/comments is one on the cultural differences between the US and UK.

18: ” IAmA apache mechanic for the US Army and bored on a 24 hour shift. AMA ” – IAmA


19: Douglas Adams and the cult of 42 – The Guardianredditor SmokeDawgTheJanitor explains why Adams chose “42” as the answer to the ultimate question.

20: Redditor finds himself acting as a temporary parent to a pelican


21: Hypersonic plane to fly at 20 times speed of sound – The Sydney Morning Herald

22: Parents deny daughter life-saving transplant – TVNZ

23: How a Russian hacker cracked Apple’s iOS in-app purchasing – Digital Trends

24: Lincoln’s Pocket Watch Reveals Long-Hidden Message –

25: Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A President, On Anti-Gay Stance: ‘Guilty As Charged’ – Huffington Post Food

26: Chick-fil-A Recipe: All the Taste, None of the Bigotry –

27: Girls denied cervical cancer jab – The Guardian

28: Alzheimer’s Treatment Study Reports Three Years with No Decline in Memory and Function at AAIC 2012 – Alzheimer’s Association

29: Wall Street Recruiter Fighting for Right to Flip Cops the Bird –

30: Batman’s Gotham City Map: What Does The Dark Knight’s Home Really Look Like? – Huffington Post Entertainment

31: IKEA Introduces a Dark Lager Beer – Laughing Squid. Think it’s a practical joke? Well, it’s not.

32: TIL Gaming sickness is real. Huh – who knew?

33: Just Release Assassin’s Creed, Not Six Different Versions – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

34: How Assassin’s Creed III Re-created the Revolutionary War Read more: How Assassin’s Creed III Re-created the Revolutionary War – Popular Mechanics

35: Nebulae, Beautiful Space Photos Created Using Fiber Glass Lamps (Laughing Squid) & Fictitious Dishes, Photo Series Depicts Meals From Fictional Characters (Laughing Squid)


This is the last News & Other Things for some time – I’m heading off to the ‘Burgh for a couple of weeks so I won’t be able to post. As soon as I’m home though these posts will be back.


P.s No Categories – too tired and lazy to be bothered.


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