Amazing Assassin’s Mega(ish)post

The past two weeks have made me miss out on a lot of AC related news but here’s the entire list of recent releases, threads and posts regarding the matter.



Modern Fictum comes to the inevitable conclusion that Desmond will die. Eventually. Whilst Kotaku’s columnist’s interest for Liberations is peaked when the information that it’s the baddies who are releasing it comes out. G4 reports about the Assassin’s Creed “Forsaken” novel, which is to reveal more about Connor and also about a a possible Season Pass for DLC’s.

The dedicated subreddit on Reddit has been buzzing about what everyone thinks what the Desmond gameplay will be likewhat will happen after the next installment and what will happen to Desmond and also discussing about Connor’s lineage.

Also, this:


Furthermore there has been some amazing fan-created art circulating.

Not only one, but two Imgur albums chockafull of wallpapers, a cool, complete Connor cosplaya cool watercolor painting by an excited redditor and finally a collision of two worlds.

And that’s it for now. More will drop in during the week and you can betcha that it’ll be here!


P.s UbiWorkshop has some new merchandise in…


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