Insta From Few Days Back

I went digging in my nail polish drawer and unearthed my bottle of Chanel’s golden Peridot polish.

I drove my grandfather and his girlfriend to the supermarket. The trip was supposed to take an hour tops. It took three. Still, this was one of the last times that I drove the car before I head off abroad so I enjoyed driving them around.

Played around with my new Zara necklace and I did what Hambelina tried earlier and you know what – it actually works well as a headpiece.

Watched Batman & Robin and came to the firm conclusion that it is among the worst movies I have ever seen.

Changed to the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics and came to the firm conclusion that there was excellent music and that it was a well-produced event.

Flipped through the Elle Collections Fall 2012 and there was so much pretty throughout the entire edition.

So you might wonder why I’ve added “Insta” in the title. Well – I finally gave in and started an Instagram account. If you want to you can follow me @rebeccascorner on Instagram or any of the Web-based browsers. There will be pictures that I do not load up here on the blog so if you want to enjoy pictures that you haven’t seen but are in the same style – well, head that way.

Until we meet again,



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