End of the Week News & Things

One week down, another one looming on the horizon. But before it arrives – News! And things..

1: Guys – What’s the best way to approach you at a bar or anywhere else in public? – AskReddit, because you never can be sure. Especially if you’re a bit awkward (As I sometimes am…)

2: I created Imgur. AMA – IAmA. To think that Reddit would look a bit different if Imgur did not exist…

3: Reddit, has anything a video game taught you saved your life? – AskReddit

4: Interviewers: what is the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen on a resume – AskReddit. People seems to write very interesting things on their resume to spice things up.

5: IAmA polyglot (multilingual person) from Ireland. I only spoke English when I was 21, but now I speak 10 languages and can sign ASL. I’ve given a TEDx talk to inspire adult language learners. AMA. This reminded me; I need to read up on my Japanese, French and Latin. It’s a pity that I’ve become to lazy with them…

6: My 10 year old brother is required to have a Nook, Ipad, Kindle, etc. for his 5th grade. I find this absolutely absurd. Your thoughts? – AskReddit. Note there are a few edits by the OP.

7: Non-American Redditors, let’s see the other side of the coin. What funny ideas does Americas have about things from your country? – AskReddit. Polar bears and penguins in Finland…

8: What hyped-up movies have you seen that turned out to be horrible? -AskReddit

9: What is the absolute, hands down, worst movie you have ever seen in your life? – AskReddit

10: Redditors share some of their worst wedding stories, some of which are truly horrible.

11: If neanderthals were still around today, what place would they have in society? – AskReddit

12: To any Redditors who have experienced this, what does it feel like to be shot by a firearm? – AskReddit

13:  Reddit, what is something that is weighing you down/bothering you at the moment? Tell us and then let it go, never to worry you again. Redditherapy. – AskReddit

14: … What are the moments you realize you are your own cliche? – AskReddit

15: IAM The Real Stan Lee – IAmA

16: What’s the worst pain you have ever been in? – AskReddit

17: Lefties of Reddit what annoys you/have to deal with in a mostly right handed society – AskReddit

18: Reddit, I just got stood up by my date for tonight. Comfort me with your tales of rejection and/or date humiliation? – AskReddit

19: Reddit, what embarassing moments have you had in a doctor’s office? … – AskReddit

20: For all you Trekkies out there; Brent Spiner, who plays Data, did an IAmA on Reddit.

21: We are engineers and scientists on the Mars Curiosity Rover Mission, Ask Us Anything – IAmA

The teams reaction to the end of their IAmA.

22: How To: Galaxy Nails!!! – Polish and Pearls

23: How To: Caviar Manicure – Polish and Pearls

24: Real Girls, Real Hair: Inspiration In Every Shade Of The Rainbow – The Frisky. I just visited my hairdresser yesterday for a touch-up and I did the mistake of looking at this pictures afterwards and I instantly wanted to head back, show my lovely and incredibly patient hairdresser a picture and go “This – Do this!”… I didn’t.

25: Lana Del Rey’s H&M Fall 2012 Ads (Pictures) – FabSugar. I’m not a Lana fan (by the way – best Tumblr ever) but I do love the styling of these ad series…

26: Girl Gamer: Don’t Patronize Me With Your Video Game’s “Girlfriend Mode” – The Frisky

27: 10 Feminist Manga Licensced in The United States – The Mary Sue. Or then you can do what many manga-readers outside of Japan do – visit websites were scanalations are hosted and read them from there. AsIcoughcoughregularlydo. Not.

28: What Makes A Gamer, And Why I’m Still Proud to Be One – The Mary Sue

29: 2012 Gamescom – Devs’ Q&A – Assassin’s Creed III – Ubisoft on Facebook. Fear not – logging in is not required.

30: 12 Outfits Inspired by Video Games – The Mary Sue




31: Avengers sequel confirmed for 2015, with Whedon heading it as both writer and director – Fanboy.com

32: 25 of the Best Dance Numbers in TV History – Flavorwire

33: The Movies We Never Get Tired of Watching – Flavorwire

34: Album of reimagined poster for memorable films by Adam Rabalais – Imgur

35: Netflix Watch Instantly streaming coming to Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland this year – Engadget


The World According to Movies


36: Neo-Nazi flash mobs strike German cities, aim to become ‘immortal’ on YouTube – NY Daily News

37: China’s ghost towns and phantom malls – BBC News Magazine

38: A comparison of the European debt and a visualization of the US debt. Terrifying if you ask me…

39: Five Ways Privatization Degrades America – Common Dreams

40: Cambridge University opens Stem Cell Institute. – Oristem

41: Study casts doubt on human-Neanderthal interbreeding theory – The Guardian.co.uk

42: Extreme hot spells rising – ScienceNews

43: Help me raise money to buy Nikola Tesla’s old labratory – The Oatmeal

44: HOWTO make a cocktail that looks like outer space – Boing Boing


after it all


Next few entries are purely related to photography. Just thought I’d give you a little heads-up…

45: Art photography: When ‘reality isn’t good enough’ – CNN.com

46: Fascinating Videos About 6 Photographic Processes Used Through History – PetaPixel

47: Panasonic Unveils Durable SD Cards That Can Outlive Reckless Photographers – PetaPixel

48: What Unretouched Photos From Victoria Secret Look Like – FStoppers

49: Photographer Uses His iPhone’s Glass Back as a Collodian Process Wet Plate – Petapixel

50: Winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012 – In Focus / The Atlantic


I wonder… ?


51: I had no idea how much NASA has contributed to our modern lifestyles… Check out WTFNASA to find out just how much.

52: Take a look into the far and near past of toys, dolls, you name it, someone’s played with it at MoMA’s Century of the Child.

53: And last but not least – fancy yourself a 19th Century crook, murder or all-around scoundrel? Well, fancy no-more because now you can make yourself into one at BBC America’s Mugshot Yourself. In mere seconds you will look a merry murder from New York’s darker times.


And that’s it for this week – enjoy the weekend and I’ll be seeing ya!




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