Det bitterljuva i livet

The last evening at home, true home, for a long time. And now it hits me how much I’m going to miss the little things. And I’d be lying if I said that it doesn’t hurt, cause it does. It always does. But it will pass. It always does. So it’s been a somewhat bittersweet evening. Mostly spent hanging out with the family, watching movies (Blood Diamond is excellent, watch it if you haven’t yet) and enjoying the time here while at the same time I’ve been giddily happy over getting to finally fly over and get the next stage of my life started. So do I have conflicting emotions? Yes – majorly. Am I in for a bumpy ride? Most definitely. But so are you, dear reader, because I’ll be sharing some of it here. So prepare yourself for some interesting times.

By the way – next time I’ll be posting will be Wednesday evening. I’m travelling all day tomorrow and Wednesday day is packed with program.

Until then,



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