And in the World of Gaming

 Seen in Germany during GamesCom

Check out The Art of the Assassin, an an ongoing exhibition both online and off of Assassin’s Creed-related art by both amateurs and professionals. There’s also a lot of articles about the naval battle – read ’em hereherehereherehere and finally here. A lot of “here”s, I know but those were the last ones. At least for some time. Oh and a check out a mock-up of the cover of a Assassin’s Creed comic book, courtesy of Dorkly.

Imagine – the first Assassin’s Creed game is six years old… Still looking good, no?

Uncharted film loses another director –

 Still holding onto the dream…

New GTA V Screens Show Parachuting – IGN, oh and transportation methods.

Last but definitely not least – Dead Space 3 Gets a Release Date, New Features & Gameplay Trailers – Laughing Squid.

Out of all of these the news of Skyrim’s Hearthfire was the highlight. Or at least one of the highlights.


P.s Sorry guys, I just had to add one final thing from my Facebook Newsfeed from the Assassin’s Creed page: And Suddenly I Wish The Next Assassin’s Creed Was a Western – Kotaku which is mostly about the artwork of the Assassin’s Creed series.


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