News & Things – The Reddit Edition

So I did warn you that this weeks News & Things post would be a bit… Well, lengthy. And yes, fair enough, I did promise you earlier on that I would end these ridiculously long News & Things posts but I cannot help it – There’s so much that needs to be shared. But anyway, instead of weaving tales, stories and excuses, here we go.

1: Starting from the biggest, most viewed and most commented thread from the previous week. This thread also made headlines all over the world in every possible news source possible. You might guess what thread this is and you’re right – it’s the IAmA of of Barack Obama, President of the United States of America. Also someone asked the admins of Reddit of what it looked like when the IAmA was up and you can read that thread here.

2: Here’s a somewhat politically related IAmA – Today I received a £2420 bounty for attempting to arrest Tony Blair. AMA. And in arresting it’s a citizen arrest.

3: The second-most favorite thread of the week; I’m Nick Offerman. I play Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec. AMA

4: I am paying the world’s highest income tax, AMA.

5: An Albanian-born redditor writes horrifying true stories from feeding refugees during Kosovo and about being held at gunpoint, among other things (Such as answering questions about Albania) in his IAmA.

6: I have terminal cancer, and will be flying out to Switzerland to organise my affairs with Dignitas AMAA.

7: IAMA (former camera operator) on Teen Mom AMAA. Prepare to read some hard, suspected truths behind the series.

8: I am a nurse at a prison hospital. AMA.

9: I am a wife of a pedophile who distributed child pornography. AMA


Redditors father builds his own telescope, check out the entire album of images here.


10: The insomniacs of Reddit come together and share stories of their insomnia and things that have followed.

11: Reddit, what are some things you wished you knew during your first relationship? – AskReddit

12: On the flip-side; What is one thing you wish you had never found out? – AskReddit

13: What makes you extremely uncomfortable? – AskReddit

14: Redditors share times that they have paid a lot of money to only realize that it was a mistake or bad decision.

15: And wa-hey – a AskScience question close to my heart, regarding Tinnitus! Why does it happen and what is happening when you get a ringing randomly in your ear?

16: Redditor asks in a bit of a round-way when other redditors have witnessed another persons understanding of how their existence has changed.

17: Redditor ask of the community what other redditors what to preserve for their future kids.

18: Middle and high school students of Reddit. I’m a teacher and I have a question about bullying… – AskReddit

19: … What times have you felt that you were a sell-out or you broke your promise to your childhood-self? – AskReddit

20: Reddito andlothebird explains the high suicide rates in both Korea and Japan.


Have a baby elephant.


21: Redditors share moments when a song or piece of music has sent them reeling in nostalgia.

22: r/Music, what is your most feel-good song? – Music

23: What is the creepiest audio recordings you have ever found on the Internet? – AskReddit


The Future According to Films


24: Reddit professionals: (…) What movie/series, best portrays your profession? And what’s the most full of bullshit? – AskReddit

25: What was the best movie you ever watched that you expected to be very bad? -AskReddit

26: What’s the most original movie you’ve ever seen? – AskReddit

27: Redditor visits the Warner Brothers Studios, goes on a tour and kindly uploads an album of pictures for everyone’s viewing pleasure.


Being the younger one – this is something I miss sincerely. Oh, and an other album with the same idea.


28: ” I drive buses around several routes that I’ve mapped out in GTA IV picking up and dropping off passengers. What silly or embarrassing things do you do in video games? ” – AskReddit


Long distance gaming indeed…


29: Who are “the Shakespeare’s” of other cultures? – AskReddit

30: ” I like watching movies with subtitles. What’s something you like that drives people around you crazy? ” – AskReddit

31: ” Has anyone on reddit ever been abducted or know someone who has been abducted? ” – AskReddit

32: ” Have you ever been banned from anything? … Whats the story behind it and did you feel you deserved it? ” – AskReddit

33: Redditors share the worst cities they’ve been to in the entire world and why they feel it was the worst.

34: Do pilots and flight staff turn off their phones all the way before takeoff and landing? Well, you might find an answer in this thread.

35: Reddit, when you are sad/depressed, what are the thing that always cheer you up? – AskReddit

36: Reddit, what do you look like before and after makeup? Is there a real difference? Post pics (guys and girls). – AskReddit and a related album of Korean women, before and after plastic surgery. One of these is more humorous than the other…

37: Redditor finds himself a bit overwhelmed and ask the photography subreddit for help and a few kind words.

38: Reddit. Please. I messed up and got a girl pregnant. What should I do to prepare? – AskReddit

39: Redditor DockingBay_94 explains and illustrates the pro’s of multilingualism.

40: You know that little voice you occasional hear inside of your mind? Ever wonder what that is? Redditor cogsci_guy explains that little voice.


Intelligence vs Weather


41: Thread introducing – a website were the front pages from many subreddits are cached and can be viewed.

42: Google’s Motorola division has filed a new patent lawsuit against Apple claiming they are infringing on seven of its patents and wants to block iPhone, iPad and Mac computers from being imported to the U.S. – Technology


And that’s it for the Reddit edition. The other News & Things post will be up “shortly”.

Until then,



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