In celebration of Halloween, we decided to do a little backpacking, urban exploration style . For this video we’ll explore Pennsylvania’s Abandoned Turnpike, a 13 mile section of highway and tunnels that was abandoned in 1968 (after opening in 1940). It was also one of the main filming locations for the 2008 post-apocalyptic film, “The Road”. For our hike we do a ten mile section including both the shortest tunnel in the system, “Rays Hill Tunnel”, and the the longest, “Sideling Hill Tunnel”. Sideling Hill is a monstrous 6,782 foot long curved tunnel with some pretty cool old buildings to explore as well. Needless to say, there isn’t much light reaching you in the middle. Spooky scary indeed. Kind of like Fallout 3 in real life.The Eastern entrance was also the location of the “cannibal truck” scene from the movie “The Road” as well.

For the first night we actually set up a camp site on top of the Sideling Hill Eastern tunnel mouth, complete with stone fire pit. So if you’re ever in the area for an overnight stay, feel free to take advantage of it. Although I don’t think many people actually sleep out there. That would be crazy…

For more info on the PA Abandoned Turnpike tunnels, search it on Wikipedia. Or just stop reading this drivel and watch the video already!

YouTube user sintax77 and his friend show exactly how amazing abandoned structures, such as the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, can be. I have to admit that I’ve now been struck with the immense feeling of doing some exploration with hiking gear and a light photography equipment.





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