The Past Week or So

I’m aware of the fact that there has been pathetically few updates this past week but to be honest I haven’t had the energy to write anything or to even skim around the Internet. Why? you ask. Well while I’ve been flying through the first lectures in the first week at uni, I’ve also worked my tushy off to keep up with the pace. And truth be told – I’ve pulled it off but it has sucked all my energy so by the time I get home I’m completely and utterly knackered.

A further sign of this is that I’ve successfully got the sniffles from somewhere so I’m now a moderately stressed heap of snot that fills my every sinus. Positively lovely. On the brighter side – yay for academic and for student discounts!

My incredibly stylish lecture bag into which all of my papers, notebooks, books and so on and so forth fits. It’s insane how much stuff I need to carry with me.

Also – glitter clock!

Anyway – it’s been an eventful week that has passed in a of lectures, meeting new people, getting set up with my timetables and internal systems for the university, getting matriculated and just getting used to the fact that I am now part of an academic life, something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. If you want to sneak a little peek at what my timetable will look like then look at this:

Monday through Wednesday are mostly just lectures, seminars, presentations, group work while Thursday and Friday are saved for independent study and work. And with the workload that we have those two days of work seem to be necessary. So that’s all that I can come up with for now – more later on.



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