Spark & Sigma

Sorry about this but I’ve been bitten by the photo-techie bug since the beginning of my technical/theory lecture this morning and when I got home I skimmed through my favorite blogs and websites and found two lenses that tickled my photo-fancies.

First up – Lensbaby‘s newest addition to their wonderful arsenal: Spark

Spark is a perfect entry point into the Lensbaby system for young photo enthusiasts, photography students or newer photographers who want a fun way to break out of traditional photography.  It’s a fun and affordable way to capture selective focus images with a DSLR.

Spark features a unique selective focus optic and a tilting lens body, allowing the aspiring enthusiast photographer to capture creative images in-camera that have a sweet spot of focus, surrounded by blur. It is a lightweight, all plastic (except for the optic, which is a multi-coated glass doublet) 50mm selective focus lens with a f/5.6 fixed aperture available for Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

And also introducing Sigma‘s newest art-lens: the 35 mm F1.4 which is just a gorgeous piece of light-weight photographic kit (And somewhat that I still have to have in my equipment bag)

Many avid photographers will definitely prefer this 35mm lens to the more conventional 50mm. Using a leading-edge design and state-of-the-art production technology, we’ve honed its performance to the point where it can do full justice to the expressive power of the very latest digital cameras. At low apertures, for example, it can perform like a wide-angle lens, while if it’s opened up to F1.4, it will give the background a pleasing bokeh effect and make the subject pop like a mid-range telephoto lens. What makes this lens so desirable is the wide scope it provides for artistic expression.

Via PetaPixel and Fstoppers

Lovely, aren’t they?



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