In the Time Between

I offer this picture as a gift to calm you when I’m not posting. I have so much course work going on that it’s insane and I barely have time to blog but I do hope that I find some time in between the deadlines.

Please take into regard – if you want to use my picture please link back to this post.



4 thoughts on “In the Time Between

  1. … wow 😮

    I hope all is well over there! 🙂 ❤ Skype soon?

    By the way, if u haven't seen To Rome With Love… Go see it! :p

    • Everything is splendid – Our lecturers enjoy heaping loads of works on us so I have four deadlines in the next two weeks.

      Skype very soon. It’s weird how quickly I’ve gotten used to missing you guys : C

      To Rome With Love hasn’t come out here yet but am planning on seeing it ASAP – did see the trailer earlier this summer and I really, really want to see it.

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