A Month Left – Just. One. More

I cannot believe that it’s just a month left till the game is released. I’m getting really excited to see clips and previews. On the flip side it means that soon I’m not going to read anymore articles or watch anymore videos about it just to save myself from going completely insane. Which is a bit weird since most of the press info is coming out now. Still I don’t want to ruin it for myself since I get to play the game in December when I get home to Finland for Christmas.

You can hear it in your mind, can’t you?

Ubisoft posted the following three articles in the Facebook feed and these are some massive tidbits of news – especially this one from IGN has some serious preview videos. But GameSpot.com and Gametrailers have equally interesting previews. We Got This Covered have screenshots from both Assassin’s Creed 3 and from Liberation.

Firstmate & some friends(?)

Concept Art

Finally redditors discuss exactly ” Who is the “Father of Understanding”? “.

Like I said – look forward to it and I can barely keep my enthusiasm contained until December.




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