Forget what I said in my previous Assassin’s Creed post, there’s so much awesome stuff released that my brain is going to explode soon. It might also be an effect from all the work for uni that I’ve had… I haven’t got that much this time around (Fortunately) but I do have some gems. Among which is this thread in the Assassin’s Creed subreddit which redditors wonder if we will get to experience Connor like we did with Ezio, from the beginning to the end. In the thread are some heartfelt observations about the Ezio Experience (as I now like to call it). Also, here’s two albums of what the NPC’s will (possibly) look like out in the Homestead. I also feel as though I have to share two wallpapers that a kind redditor shared with the community. Finally – this should not exist. But it does:





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