Who Knew That Writing An Introductory Paragraph Could Be So Hard?

I’d greatly appreciate it if I could just write an entire essay and then go on and finish the introduction since I find it easier that way around. But alas I don’t have much time left to do the assessment (We didn’t have that much time to begin with) so writing an entire essay for the sake of writing and submitting a single paragraph seems a bit pointless.

The café that is opposite the campus has a delicious spiced chai latte which I have found to be almost necessary to survive the cold inside the building…

I hardly think that it comes as a surprise that this is a much typical announcement that I will not be blogging all that much this week since I’m bombarded by deadlines (Again) and we also have a visitor here from the motherland namely the mother of my cousins/roommates – in other words on of my aunts is here visiting and for a week we have a willing “housemaid” (Worry not – that’s what she calls herself) who’ll be cooking, cleaning and generally spoiling us. Next week will be bitter and hard return to our normal, exhausting routines. I’ll find the time to post between banging my head in the wall from essay-writing frustration and eating hearty meals cooked by our superb, temporary housecook.

Staring out my bedroom window also does the trick of clearing my mind. Sadly it’s dark outside so I can’t do that now… 

Until soon, 



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