I’m Alive & Well

To be honest I’ve become caught up the arrival of fall and the imminent coming of winter and I’ve gone into my semi-hibernation mode where I do not feel up to doing anything else than working on uni work and hanging out under my duvet, reading and watching movies.

University deadlines keep me preoccupied with constant working and preparing for shoots and essays. Not that I mind at all – I’ve actually missed the past two years, or since I graduated from high school in the spring of 2010.

It’s true that the dark now comes earlier than a week ago which just makes me sleepier earlier and thus makes me not want to blog since I can barely stay properly awake.

And the rest of the time I’m playing with this baby:

Yup – that’s right. I finally have a (plastic) hidden blade. I wish I would have ordered it earlier and then I could’ve have dressed up as an assassin for Halloween… Oh well, till next year.


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